How To Put Filter In Humidifier (Step By Step Guide)

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Do you know how to put a filter in a humidifier? Or do you even know what a humidifier filter is? If you don’t know the answer to either of these questions, you’re in luck.

You want to make sure you’re taking good care of your home. And one of the best ways to do that is by keeping it healthy and comfortable by using a humidifier.

If you own a humidifier, then you should read this blog post. In it, I’ll give you some tips and tricks for keeping your humidifier clean and healthy.

Key Takeaway’s

  • A humidifier is a great way to improve the air quality in your home and prevent dryness.
  • When using a humidifier, it is important to clean it regularly and change the filter as needed.
  • There are two main types of filters for humidifiers: wicking and activated carbon.
  • Wicking filters are made of absorbent materials that trap impurities in the water.
  • Activated carbon filters remove impurities from the air by adsorbing them onto the surface of the filter.
How To Put Filter In Humidifier
How To Put Filter In Humidifier

What To Do Before Putting Filter In Humidifier

Before you put a filter in your humidifier, there are a few things you need to do. 

  • First, you need to check which filter you need.
  • There are different filters for different models of humidifiers.
  • Now you know which filter you need, you can buy the correct filter.
  • Following the instructions in the manual is important to ensure that you put the filter in correctly.

Check Which Filter You Need

Many different humidifiers exist, and each has a different filter. The most common type of humidifier is the evaporative humidifier. A wick filter is used in those models of humidifier.

The next most common type of humidifier is the ultrasonic humidifier. This type of humidifier uses a demineralization filter. The last type of humidifier is the vaporizer. This humidifier doesn’t require a filter to work properly.

You’ll need to inspect the device to figure out what kind of filter you’ll need. The unit will have a label that will tell you which filter you need.

Different Filters For Different Models

Different Filters for Different Models
Different Filters for Different Models

There are many humidifiers on the market, and each humidifier has a unique filter. So if you’re using a humidifier, you’ll need a specific kind of filter.

The evaporative humidifier is the most widely used type of humidifier. These humidifiers use a wicking filter to absorb water from the reservoir and then evaporate it into the air. The wicking filter will need to be replaced every few months.

Another type of humidifier is the ultrasonic humidifier. Ultrasonic humidifiers do not use a filter, but you will need to clean the humidifier regularly to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits.

The last type of humidifier is the impeller humidifier. Impeller humidifiers also do not use a filter, but you will need to clean the humidifier regularly to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits.

Following Instructions From The Manual

Fortunately, following the instructions in the manual is the best way to ensure that you’re putting the filter in correctly. However, if you notice that the humidifier isn’t working as well as it used to. Then it is possible that the filter do need to be replaced sooner.

If you’re unsure how to put the filter in or don’t have the manual, there are a few easy ways to figure it out.

First, you can try looking online for a video tutorial or a step-by-step guide. Or, you can give the manufacturer a call, and they’ll be able to help you out.

Here’s How You Put A Humidifier Filter:

Here's How You Put a Humidifier Filter
Here’s How You Put a Humidifier Filter

Open The Humidifier And Remove The Humidifier Cover

Assuming you have already turned off and unplugged your humidifier, opening the humidifier and removing the humidifier cover is next step.

You may need to unscrew the cover or simply lift it off, depending on the model of humidifier you have. You should be able to see the humidifier’s tank when the cover is removed.

Remove The Humidifier’s Water Tank

Cleaning humidifiers is easier if the water tank is taken out and cleaned. This will allow you to get all the nooks and crannies, and you can be sure that the tank is completely dry before you put it back on the humidifier.

You’ll need to clean your humidifier’s water tank about once a week. Start by emptying the tank and then filling it with clean water.

Add a gallon of water and then swish it around to loosen any impurities clinging to the sides. Pour out the water and then rinse the tank with clean water. Allow the tank to air dry before putting it back on the humidifier.

Find The Filter & Remove It

Find The Filter & Remove It
Find The Filter & Remove It

To clean the filter, Look for the filter near the water tank. Many humidifiers will have the filter located near the top of the unit. 

The filter may be hidden behind a panel or access door. Once you have located the filter, remove it from the humidifier. 

Gently squeeze it apart and rinse it under cool water. Some humidifiers will have a filter that can be washed and reused. Others will have a disposable filter that will need to be replaced.

Before reinstalling the humidifier filter, allow it to air dry completely. You’ll need to replace your filter if it’s damaged.

Put The Filter In And Secure It

Check your humidifier’s filter to see if it needs to be replaced. Doing this will ensure that you’re not releasing harmful substances.

Once you’ve found the opening, gently insert the filter into place. Make sure the filter is snug and secure before going to the next step.

Suppose the filter doesn’t seem to fit. Then, when cleaning your filter, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

Close The Humidifier And Enjoy

Once you have the filter, simply screw it into the top of the humidifier. Make sure that all screws are snug and that the filter is secure. 

Now you can close the humidifier and enjoy the benefits it provides. Plugin the humidifier and turn it on.

Adding a filter to your humidifier is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Once the filter is in place, you can enjoy clean, humidified air.

Tools Needed To Put Filter In Humidifier

  • Humidifier filter
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Scrubber
  • Brush
  • Dry cloth
  • Wet wipe
  • Cleaning spray

Steps To Take Post Filter Replacement

Steps to Take Post Filter Replacement
Steps to Take Post Filter Replacement

Once the humidifier’s filter has been replaced, you should take a few steps to ensure it is running properly. First, check to see if the humidifier turns on.

If it does, run it for an hour or two to see if it operates correctly. If you encounter any issues, you should seek the advice of a professional.

How to Know if The Filter Is Put in Correctly

If you’re not sure if the filter is put in correctly, there are a few easy ways to check. One method is to measure the humidity in the room.

If the room feels dry, it’s a good indication that the filter is not working correctly. Another way to check is to see if the cool mist humidifier produces mist. 

If there is no mist, likely, the filter is not installed properly. Finally, you can check the humidity level in the room. If the humidity level is low, it’s a sign that the filter is not doing its job.

What To Do To Fix It

If the filter is not put in correctly, it will not work properly and may damage the humidifier. If the filter isn’t installed correctly, here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure you’re installing the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If the filter is not seated properly, try taking it out and putting it back in. Take a moment to make sure it is properly seated and pushed in.
  • If the filter is still not seated correctly, try a different filter. Sometimes one type of filter will not work with a particular humidifier.
  • If you still can’t get the filter to seat correctly, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Final Thoughts

Humidifier maintenance is key to keeping your home at the right humidity level, which benefits your health in several ways.

This post will go over a few different methods for keeping your humidifier in good working order and how changing the humidifier’s filter can help improve its performance.

We also provide instructions on how to change a humidifier’s filter so that you can ensure optimum humidification every time. Thanks for reading!


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